Steve Klise

Lives in Brooklyn, enjoys reading, works at O’Reilly Media, made this site.

Programming Posts


I Heart What I See

Proving once again that anything with a heart can be hearted. A Chrome extension to “heart” every heart you scroll past on Twitter.


I take pictures of airplanes when they pass overhead because they fascinate me.

This Is One Acre

I needed to know how big an acre was, so this now exists.

Empire State

Commissioned by Every time a tourist uses their flash from the Empire State Building

I Like What I See

A Chrome extension to automatically “like” everything you scroll past on Facebook.


A chat bot and chatroom designed for my graduate school community.

True Cause I Read It On The Internet

The antithesis of fact and URL shorteners.


I spend a lot of time staring at websites as I build them and really wanted the website to stare back.

As Always

A ‘zine chronicling Loren Bondurant and I finding our space.


Before I understood New York City in terms of smartphones, this is how I thought of getting around.